About Microbac


In the Beginning - 1960's

Microbac founder, A. Warne Boyce with his wife, Doreen.

Having lived in the United States since the early 1960s, A. Warne Boyce recognized the need for quality, independent laboratory testing. With financial support from his wife Doreen and Pittsburgh businessmen to complement his own monetary commitment, Boyce purchased Dairy Products Laboratory in Pittsburgh. After serving the Pennsylvania dairy industry for over 50 years, the new company in 1969 became known as Microbac Laboratories, Inc. Initially, Boyce intended to enter the environmental testing market, but the Dairy Products Laboratory was the only feasible, financial option at the time. Much to his surprise, the food business grew at a rate comparable to the environmental market and remains one of the cornerstones of Microbac’s growth today.


The origin of Microbac’s expanded growth began in this decade with the purchases of several laboratories in Pennsylvania. During this period, Microbac moved into a Pittsburgh facility that complemented the Company’s developing corporate identity. Additionally, for the first time, the Company established a presence outside of the Keystone State with the acquisition of a laboratory in Louisville, Kentucky.  1970s continued


Early in the decade, the second generation of the Boyce family joined the Company as J. Trevor Boyce began his career in the laboratory industry. Microbac, behind Founder A. Warne Boyce, continued to expand with acquisitions in the Midwest, East, and South, including a start-up laboratory in Florida. The Company also experienced advances in technologies, earned an accreditation, and became a member of the American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL).  1980s continued


J. Trevor Boyce was named Microbac’s President early in the decade and multiple acquisitions occurred throughout the East, South and, for the first time, the West Coast.  Technological advancements and Quality systems continued to flourish. Founder A. Warne Boyce, a renowned leader in the laboratory industry, was selected to lead ACIL and was awarded with the organization’s top honor in the last year of the century.  1990s continued


The Company and laboratory industry mourned the loss of A. Warne Boyce, Microbac Founder and Chairman, who passed away in 2002. As the Company was developing a national presence, the new millennium brought about numerous acquisitions throughout the East, Midwest, South, and West. The progressive development of the Company results in a multi-faceted organizational structure. James Nokes is named Microbac’s President and Sean Hyde (Senior Vice President for Operational Affairs) and Robert Crookston (Senior Vice President for Business Development) are appointed to upper management positions. Microbac celebrates its 40th year anniversary in 2009. 2000s continued


The second decade of the 21st century is highlighted by several acquisitions. The Company expanded services and increased its presence in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Tennessee, and Kentucky with the purchase of laboratories. In addition, two laboratories were sold. J. Trevor Boyce was elected Chair of ACIL and Sean Hyde was named Microbac’s Chief Operating Officer. 2010s continued