About Microbac

Quality Assurance

Exceed Expectations

Microbac’s goal is to meet or exceed your expectations. To accomplish this, we have in place at each of our Divisions, a management system that addresses everything from documented operating procedures, to analyst training, sample handling and analysis, along with necessary support activities such as purchasing, equipment calibration and instrument maintenance.  These management systems conform to either ISO/IEC 17025, TNI (The NELAC Institute) standards or comply with various state certification or program requirements.  Each Laboratory’s Scope of Accreditation and certified analyte list can be found under its Divisional information section.

  • Sixteen A2LA or NELAC accredited locations
  • Over 100 federal, state or program specific accreditations, certifications, registrations and licenses


We depend on the honesty and integrity of each of our employees. Microbac has an ethics and data integrity program that provides training on appropriate and inappropriate activities. We operate under an open door policy where employees can confidentially report potential issues to senior management without the fear of reprisal. Data falsification or any unethical practice is a violation of our company policy and is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

  • Yearly refresher training provided for all staff

Continuous Improvement

An important aspect of our quality program is our pledge to continuously improve.  Periodically, our systems are subject to review by the Division’s senior management and its quality team. Opportunities for improvement, including preventive actions, are identified at that time and an action plan is put together that implements these recommendations according to an agreed upon timeframe.

Plan Do Check Act

Microbac is proud to tell you that we have a robust internal audit program, both at the divisional and corporate level.  The purpose of these audits is to measure adherence to systems and verify the effectiveness of our actions. Customers can be assured that if a problem occurs, a process is in place to identify the root cause and apply corrective action to prevent a re-occurrence.

  • Hundreds of internal audits performed over a 12-month time period


Hearing what you have to say about our service is important to us. If you’ve completed one of our Customer Care Surveys or simply spoken with a client service representative, please know that the feedback you provide is taken to heart. Every effort will be made to make your experience with Microbac a pleasant and professional one.

  • Online surveys for customer satisfaction and feedback
  • Request a solution options