Testing Services

Food Shelf Life Studies

Food is subject to many changes over its lifespan.  These may be biological, chemical, or physical in nature.  As the product ages, these changes may lead to minor inconveniences to illness for the consumer. 

In any of these cases though, these issues can eat away at the reputation of the producer.  “Use by” dates are as ubiquitous as product labels themselves, but how is that date determined?  The shelf life of a product should not be a guessing game, but be based upon a scientific approach customized to your product. 

Just as your product is unique, so must your study.  Our approach is to look at the unique characteristics of your product and design a study that addresses potential issues, providing you with the best estimate of your product’s shelf life.  Once data is generated and analyzed, you will be able to make scientifically-based decisions.  And of course, we are here to assist you along the way in helping you see the story your data is telling you.