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Microbac Laboratories: Your Product Efficacy Testing Partner

Product safety is a going concern for any company marketing products to consumers in today’s economy. Medical products testing is of particular interest as the breadth of healthcare grows and technology increases. However, claims cannot be made without product safety, product efficacy and claim substantiation. With substantial experience supporting microbial and viral efficacy protocols, Microbac stands ready as your partner to validate your product efficacy claims.

Unique Testing, Specialized Results

Medical product testing is a unique industry filled with industry requirements and government regulations. Regardless of whether you are developing a novel antimicrobial product, expanding the efficacy claims on a current product, or validating efficacy claims for additional medical devices, Microbac Laboratories can help.

We have years of experience developing custom testing methods to make your process simpler, customizing our efficacy testing capabilities to your specific needs. Learn more about our efficacy testing protocols below or click here to obtain a custom quote today!

BGMS Cleaning Validation (Hepatitis B per FDA requirements
Contact Lens Regimens
Equine Herpes Virus 1 (GLP Compliant)
H1N1 (GLP Compliant)
Hard Surface Disinfection
Hard Surface Sanitization
High Level Disinfectants / Liquid Chemical Sterilants
Medical Face Masks / Treated Fabrics
Other Disinfectant / Efficacy Testing
Topical Antiseptics
International Test Methods
Research and Development Capabilities