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The process of gas well drilling has the potential to impact water sources. A single gas well can utilize and produce hundreds of thousands of gallons of fluids during drilling operations and during the years of gas production. The recent discoveries of gas reserves held within the number of shale formations and the use of new horizontal drilling methods to tap these reserves are expected to dramatically increase the drilling operations and gas recovery efforts in the region.

Microbac Laboratories, Inc. is certified and qualified for a wide range of water testing parameters in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, and offers extensive experience in helping its customers comply with EPA, state, and local regulations.

Pre-drilling well testing of private wells and springs is a necessary step to establish a baseline for the water quality of the water source. Subsequent well testing may be performed during or after the operations to verify that the water source is unimpacted by the drilling operations.

Currently, both Pennsylvania and New York are evaluating regulatory recommendations for water quality testing. To date, the affected stakeholders have generally followed the recommendations of Penn State University, as well as various county health departments in New York when performing pre-gas well testing.

Microbac offers Pre-Drilling Well Testing Packages

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