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Spoolable Composite Pipe Testing - API15S

The history of oil and natural gas production has seen many innovative technologies develop to address the needs of the marketplace – leak-free, no corrosion, high pressures, rugged terrain etc.  Spoolable composite pipe, described by the API15S standard, is a significant innovation that uniquely addresses the needs of energy production because it combines the beneficial attributes of plastic pipe with a much higher pressure capacity than any mono-layer plastic pipe.

As detailed in the API15S standard, extensive testing is required to qualify both the materials used and the final construction in order to ensure a durable pipe that is capable of being coiled for shipping efficiency while still providing a high pressure capability for many years of service life.  Microbac Laboratories, Inc., Hauser Division has developed extensive capability to provide the required API15S testing – both for the materials of manufacturing and the finished products. 

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