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Viral Clearance Solutions

Virus Library

The MicroBioTest Division of Microbac Laboratories, Inc. provides viral clearance evaluations in order to assess the capability of a manufacturing production process to inactivate and/or remove potential viral contaminants.

MicroBioTest's Library of Viruses include:

Adenovirus (types 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 14, 41)
Avian Influenza (H9N2, H5N1)
Avian Infectious bronchitis virus
Avian Infectious Laryngotracheitis virus
Avian Reovirus
Avian Rotavirus
Bovine Enterovirus
Bovine Herpes Mammalitis Virus
Bovine Parvovirus
Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus
Canine Adenovirus
Canine Distemper Virus
Canine Coronavirus
Canine Parainfluenza Virus
Canine Parvovirus (type 2b)
Chicken Anemia virus
Coxsackievirus (A9, A13, A20)
Coxsackievirus (B3, B6)
Duck hepatitis B virus
Duck Influenza Virus (H5N2)
Encephalomyocarditis virus
Enterovirus 71
Enterovirus EV-D68
Epizootic diarrhea of infant mice virus (reovirus)
Equine Herpes Virus
Feline calicivirus
Feline Coronavirus
Feline Herpes Virus
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
Feline Parvovirus (Feline Panleukopenia virus)
Feline Picornavirus
Feline Rhinotracheitis Virus
Fowl Poxvirus
Hantavirus (Prospect Hill Virus)
Hepatitis A Virus
Herpes Simplex Virus (types 1 and 2)
Human Coronavirus
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) (types 1 and 2, multiple clades)
Human Influenza virus A (H3N2, H1N1, H2N2), A2 or B
2013 Influenza A Virus (H7N9)
Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis
Infectious Bronchitis Virus
Infectious Bursal Disease Virus
Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus
Marek's Disease Virus
Measles Virus
Mouse Hepatitis Virus
Mouse Parainfluenza virus
Mouse Parvovirus
Mumps virus
Murine Minute Virus
Murine Norovirus (MNV-G, S99)
New Castle Disease Virus
Parainfluenza virus 1, 2, 3, 4B
Poliovirus 1 (Chat, LSc-2ab, Lsa, Brunhilde), 2, 3
Porcine Circovirus type 2
Porcine hemagglutination encephalitis virus
Porcine Parvovirus
Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome Virus
Pseudorabies virus
Rabies Virus
Reovirus Type 3
Respiratory Syncytial Virus
Rhinovirus Type A (1B, 2, 10, 16, 21, 24, 38, 39, 71)
Rhinovirus Type B (14, 17, 26, 37, 42, 79, 83, 84)
Rotavirus (human - WA strain)
SARS-associated Coronavirus
Sialodacryoadenitis virus (Coronavirus)
Simian Rotavirus, strain SA-11
Simian Virus 40
Swine cholera virus
Swine Influenza A virus
Theiler's Murine Encephalomyelitis Virus
Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus
Tulane virus
Vaccinia Virus
Varicella-Zoster Virus
Vesicular stomatitis virus
West Nile Virus