Microbac & MedSurgPI Join Forces

Microbac and MedSurgPI Join Forces to Offer Expansive Product Development Consulting for the Pharmaceutical Market

FEBRUARY 5, 2018 (PITTSBURGH, PA) – Microbac Laboratories, Inc. today announces a new strategic partnership to offer clients the R&D consulting services of MedSurgPI - a team of commercially experienced pharmaceutical and medical device consultants.

“Whereas our R&D consulting services provide understanding of product quality and safety through many steps of product development, MedSurgPI picks up where our expertise leaves off,” explains Microbac CEO, Cabot Earle. “Their consulting team has the market intelligence and experience to dive deep into the complete biomedical product development cycle. This partnership expands informed project guidance to cover all aspects of pharmaceutical and medical device product development from R&D to accredited testing and medical strategy.”

The MedSurgPI team brings unique experience in the scientific, technical, medical and commercial issues that Microbac customers face in the biomedical market. From regulatory demands, to clinical trials, ongoing manufacturing, and troubleshooting, their experts are experienced in end-to-end product development demands.

“Our team will help Microbac clients strategize and coordinate solutions to successfully navigate the landscape of product development,” explains MedSurgPI principal, Dr. Peter Johnson. “We believe in product optimization, quality assurance auditing, and preventing problems before they arise. This is a peace of mind we look forward to bringing to Microbac clients.”

Microbac also plans to offer MedSurgPI services to their food, medical food, and nutritional supplements clients as valuable guidance through diverse product development requirements.

“We see this as a win-win,” explains Earle. “Our team now has the opportunity to help clients go even further, and our clients will benefit from trusted guidance to accomplish more than ever.”



Microbac is an independent laboratory testing company committed to delivering quality measurement data and optimal customer experience for our clients. Serving the food, life sciences, and environmental markets, we partner with our clients to help them innovate and produce with confidence, and in compliance. Since 1969, Microbac has helped to assure the quality, health and safety of products that impact consumers every day. microbac.com



MedSurgPI provides its clients with supplemental guidance in the areas of product design, CMC consultation, quality, regulatory science, toxicology, project management, clinical development, clinical trials consultation, reimbursement and Health Economic and Outcomes Research.  MedSurgPI coordinates these services by functioning as the client’s product development consultants. medsurgpi.com