Consumer & Professional


Ensure Product Quality, Safety and Efficacy

We help guide you with analytical and regulatory support that follows your product development continuum. From raw materials through finished product, including testing of final packaging, Microbac allows you to make label claims and mitigate risk with confidence.

  • Characterization/Confirmation Testing for Purity/Identity/Concentration of Ingredients/Raw Materials
  • “Free from” claims support
  • Natural Products/Botanicals
  • Efficacy Testing for Antimicrobial Claims
  • Stability Studies – Ambient, Accelerated, Photostability, Freeze/Thaw
  • Safety Testing
  • Materials Compatibility Testing
  • Biocompatibility Studies
  • Foreign Material Analysis
  • Product/Packaging Failure Analysis
  • Package/Label Integrity Testing – including Inks/Adhesives

A multidisciplinary team delivers customized expertise in chemistry, microbiology, virology, toxicology and physical properties testing throughout product development cycles.  Dedicated project leads will collaborate with you on specific study designs and product challenges, using industry-recognized, published methods or your proprietary methods.