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Microbac and Sample6 Partner to Make Food Safer Together

Environmental monitoring technology within food processing facilities helps take food safety to the next level.

Bird Flu Returns to China - Testing and Prevention Strategies

Steve Zhou, Microbac’s Director of Virology and Toxicology, gives a brief overview of the biology of the bird flu H7N9, its treatment and prevention strategies, and the testing methodologies for measuring the efficacy of disinfectants and antiseptics against the virus.

Microbac Prepared to Help Illinois Schools

In an effort toward a goal of a lead-free water system, new Illinois State legislation requires Illinois schools and daycare facilities to test drinking water to identify potentially harmful levels of lead.

Inactivation and Disinfection of Zika Virus on a Nonporous Surface

Published in the Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology, the study was conducted to evaluate the environmental stability of ZIKV on hard, non-porous surfaces such as glass, and to provide inactivation efficacy information for some commonly employed physical and chemical (disinfectant) approaches.

Food Articles

ELISA and PCR Methods

Allergen-testing in food products at very low levels.

Environmental Articles

Antifungal Performance Standards

Testing standards for antifungal performance testing on building products, paper and textiles.

Dehalococcoides Ethenogenes Monitoring

A discussion of bioremediation for site contamination.

Electrophoresis - Principles and Applications of DGGE

Detecting changes in the genetic code within a sample using DGGE.

Formaldehyde and Indoor Air Quality

Sampling and test methods for determining formaldehyde levels.

FT-IR Waste Testing

Understanding Fourier Transform Infared (FT-IR) Spectrophotometry for identification of major components in unknown waste samples.

Methyl Mercury

Detection of methyl mercury in fish tissue, soil and aqueous matrices.

PAHS Detection in Low Levels by SIM

Achieving very low regulatory limits in SIM mode.

PCB Determinations

Potential complications to the identification process of PCBs.

Rotenone Detection in Surface and Ground Waters

Discussion of the use of Rotenone as a broad-spectrum insecticide, pesticide and piscicide and its environmental risks.

Specialty Articles