To Push Product & Materials Performance

Physical & Mechanical

Our mechanical testing engineers and analytical scientists evaluate metals, polymers, composites and finished products. Along with analytical materials and composition analyses, we perform tensile, shear and compressive tests, and impact, creep, fatigue, and fracture mechanics testing on raw materials, parts and final product to help you determine durability and quality of performance. Most of these tests could also be performed in static, dynamic, and cyclic test protocols, as well as in various environmental conditions with various pre-test exposures, depending upon possible failure modes. 

Hoop Tensile

Microbac performs hoop-tensile tests on both thermoplastic pipe and reinforced thermosetting pipe in accordance with ASTM D2290.  Pipe sizes up to 48 inches in diameter can be testing with a total force of up to 67,000 lbf. 

Hoop-tensile stress-rupture tests can be performed on specimens of up to 33 inches in diameter and with sustained loads of up to 35,000 lbf.

Pipe Stiffness

We can determine pipe stiffness of virtually all sizes and types of pipe in accordance with ASTM D2412.


We perform room-temperature and low-temperature tup-type impact tests on most types and sizes of plastic and composite pipe in accordance with ASTM D2444.

Pipe Chemical Resistance

The Boulder Division runs a variety of chemical resistance procedures, including ASTM D3681 for fiberglass sewer pipe, ESCR tests, Green Book coupon tests, and simulated service tests.


Pipe Composition & Chemistry

We identify and quantify fillers, additives, unreacted components, and contaminants using a variety of analytical techniques. Reinforcement type, quantity and orientation can be established using microscopy, pyrolysis, digestion and dissection.

Pipe Cell Class

Microbac has complete facilities for conducting standard plastics and resins tests, including those used for establishing cell class. Such tests include, in part: compression molding, specimen preparation, tensile, flex, Izod impact, heat distortion, density, hardness, chemical resistance, flammability and weathering.


Microbac offers expertise in metallurgical analysis for product quality, compliance and performance. Our engineers can help you design testing programs for raw materials, effects of production and final product. Customized tests for mechanical properties, metallographic evaluation, corrosion effect, fracture analyses and hardness evaluations will provide actionable data to ensure product compliance to specifications and/or regulatory requirements or to assist in product improvement projects.

Unknown Material Identification

One of the most difficult problems manufacturers face today is identifying unknown materials or substances discovered in their products as a result of routine quality assurance testing or consumer complaints. Determining what these materials are and how they ended up in the product can become a major concern, and our team specializes in identification of such unknown substances.