To Push Product & Materials Performance

Specialty Testing

For both industrial and consumer product applications, we test the strength, composition, and outer limits of mechanical, metals, plastics, and biofuels performance. From R&D through manufacturing, marketing and product recall or upgrades, we work collaboratively with clients to push products to their peak performance or ultimate failure.

Product safety compliance for plastics, metals, physical, mechanical.


Measurement for failure analysis, environmental exposure, biomass, flammability.

Multi-discipline technical expertise supporting special projects.

Industries Served

Polymers & Composites

As a trusted polymer-testing lab, Microbac provides analysis of compounds, plastics, resins, and other polymer materials, delivering significant expertise in polymeric analysis.

Our testing capabilities include plastic product and material mechanical tests, polymer chemical analysis, formulation, failure analysis, trace analysis, and research on all types of adhesives, composites, thermosets, thermoplastics, and sealants.

Staffed by industry experts completing complex analysis and physical properties testing, we meet the chemical analysis and physical properties testing requirements for all segments of the polymer industry, serving resin/polymer manufacturers, compounders, converters, designers, OEMs, fabricators and package manufacturers.


For more than 25 years, we’ve provided a wide array of pipe-testing services and expertise to a variety of industries. Our work with clients spans more than simple sustained pressure and quick-burst testing. We are also experts in pipe rehabilitation material characterization for products such as “cured in place plastic pipe (CIPP)” and UV cured “glass reinforced polymers (GRP)” liner technology.

We offer a wide variety of pressure testing/analyses for plastic pipe and fittings in accordance with ASTM, AWWA, NSF, ISO and other applicable standards. Microbac can design and build test fixtures to suit most requirements (or newly proposed standard). All measurement and test equipment is calibrated and traceable to NIST for reliable measurement of test parameters and determination of conformance.

Microbac engineers have extensive experience in problem solving and determination of root cause for field failures, providing insight into current production or field failures. We help you identify the source of the problem, so you can quickly and economically fix issues causing the failures.

Bicycles & Outdoor Recreation Products

Microbac has a long history and trusted expertise in performance testing for bicycles, components and outdoor recreation equipment such as camping, hiking and winter sports gear. Our specialized materials engineers test the outer limits of performance and product compliance with customized testing packages designed to meet ISO and ASTM standards.

Product Packaging

Your Microbac team of engineers and chemists work together to design tests that meet your specific needs. By simulating the conditions a product encounters during its distribution and storage, we can detect the weaknesses in the design. We discover and determine the cause of failures when packaging does not perform as intended. Storage effects can be accelerated with extreme temperature and humidity exposure profiles which can be imposed on the packaged products. Therefore, providing early insights into the effectiveness of the packaging protects valuable contents.


We bring over three decades of experience in providing solutions to customers with fuel-related testing and analysis needs (biomass, ethanol, landfill gas, natural gas [LHV]).

With dedication to on-call, immediate analysis of fuel products, our team is committed to the pressures and expectations of your market. Biofuel testing packages include: gasoline, diesel fuels, aviation fuels, oxygenated fuels, residual fuels, lubricating oils, solvents, asphalts and coal tar mixtures. Product conformity to specifications is determined using standard test procedures such as ASTM, UOP and AASHO; FTMS and military specifications; and manufacturers' in-house methods.

Consulting services are available to provide a variety of failure analyses and consult with you regarding additive analyses and appropriate mix designs.