50 Years of Premier
Analytical Testing

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Who Are We?

Here at Microbac Laboratories, our team of experts are always looking to serve you and your business with premier expertise and respect for your unique market requirements.

Our diverse work portfolio includes broad analytical offerings and tested insights across the environmental, food and life science markets and with 50 years of honing our craft, we offer results you can trust.

As the largest family-owned, privately held third-party testing company in the nation, our locations across the country operate with a level of authenticity, integrity, urgency and excellence that few others can offer.

Our Areas of Expertise

Environmental Testing

Full-service environmental analytical testing on water, soil, air, waste and specialty contaminants.

Food & Nutrition Testing

Unmatched safety, quality, and stability testing for food products, dietary supplements, pet food and beyond.

Life Sciences Testing

Safety, quality, efficacy, and stability testing for antimicrobials, bio/pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and personal care + cosmetics.