To Sustain Environmental Compliance

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Your required environmental testing and compliance carries the weight of ensuring a safe, healthy environment for all. To help deliver on this promise to consumers and communities, Microbac's environmental testing teams help you stay on time, on budget and in compliance through accredited laboratories and quality test data to fit your program schedule.

With 50 years of experience providing the highest levels of field services and microbiology, chemistry, and molecular analyses, Microbac is an established leader in environmental testing that you can trust.


Routine analytical testing performed on water, air, soil, solids, and waste matrices for regulatory compliance.


Specialty programs for a wide array of environmental tests including PFAS, UCMR4, forensic, toxicity, etc.

Well Water

Ensure water quality and safety of your residential or private well water.

Industries Served

We help companies and government agencies monitor and report environmental compliance to regulatory bodies. Our tests help to ensure the safety of drinking water, monitor the cleanliness of wastewater and analyze soil and air contamination, all to keep our environment at its safest.

Consultants and Engineers

We offer a broad spectrum of routine and specialized analytical services to assist in any scope or size of project. Count on time-sensitive data to support your business outcomes. Our 30 locations provide flexibility, convenience and custom solutions, collaboratively designed to meet unique project needs.

Municipal Water Systems

Microbac provides NELAP-accredited analytical testing and local field services to meet the regulatory requirements for drinking water and wastewater systems and other utility companies. We offer convenience and reliability to help keep municipalities in compliance. Dedicated service that focuses on your schedule help deliver reports to state regulators on your behalf.

We also fully support the fourth Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR 4) to test 30 chemical contaminants between 2018 and 2020.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Microbac offers routine and specialized analytical testing and program management to support NPDES compliance requirements and site remediation. Local field technicians provide convenient sampling and courier service, and a single point of contact helps to manage all of your test schedules and reporting needs. Online, real-time results provide timely information to support critical business decisions.

Energy and Fuels

Microbac delivers data to support critical decisions by the oil and gas industry. As an early and steady partner of oil and gas firms in the Marcellus and Utica formations, Microbac appreciates the importance of turnaround time and quality to your operations. Operating schedules, risk and compliance are intricately tied to the data we deliver, and those demands drive our service model.

We offer comprehensive environmental testing services and technical support throughout all phases of the E&P process.

Federal Government

Our experience with the Army, Navy, Air Force, Department of Energy and Department of Defense has built a foundation of expertise and knowledge that clients trust. We are a DoD ELAP-accredited laboratory that provides independent and defensible data to support your clients’ operations. A dedicated project manager will be your single point of contact from start to finish.

Waste Management

Our complete solution for waste management companies, with a full suite of analytical testing, helps to monitor ground water, soil, waste, leachates, and air quality. Other offerings include: NPDES, RCRA and additional regulatory work; monitoring station setup and maintenance; complete solid waste characterization and landfill profile; hazardous and non-hazardous sources and waste analysis plan support.

Brownfield and Site Redevelopment

Our environmental team is ready to help you through the investigation and remediation phases of your redevelopment project with expert soil, water, solids, and air analytical testing.