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Microbac Laboratories is excited to announce that we’re an EPA Accredited UCMR 5 Testing Lab.

EPA Approved Lab Microbac Laboratories UCMR 5 Testing and Sampling Kit

What is UCMR 5?

UCMR 5 (Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule 5) was published by the EPA on December 27, 2021. UCMR 5 requires sample collection for 30 chemical contaminants - 29 PFAS chemicals and lithium - between 2023 and 2025. This new data will lead to a better understanding of our drinking water and how to prioritize improvements.

We have been working with UCMR 5 clients since the beginning of 2022 to develop a plan and budget for the UCMR 5 requirements. Scroll down to contact us with your questions or to schedule a discussion for your organization.

Are you required to perform UCMR 5 testing?

All public water systems (PWS) serving more than 10,000 people are required to perform sampling on a quarterly or semi-annual basis for one year.

EPA UCMR 5 Accreditation

To continue our legacy as a preferred UCMR testing laboratory, along with our previous UCMR 4 accreditation we are also now a UCMR 5 accredited testing lab.

The preferred UCMR partner for public water systems

ready to go

Turnkey ready-to-go kit

One flat price (no hidden fees)

One flat price (no hidden fees)

easy-to-use kit

Dedicated customer support

Microbac UCMR 5 Sampling Kit Tutorial Video

Microbac employs a consultative approach to deliver a wide range of solutions to meet your water testing priorities:

  • Drinking water and wastewater analysis
  • Reliable data to maintain compliance
  • Responsive Environmental Team with a focus on customer success

During UCMR 4, Microbac successfully analyzed over 6,500 samples from public water systems through our comprehensive UCMR 4 test kit. Your dedicated, hands-on Microbac point of contact for UCMR 5 guides you through the entire scope of required testing with complete transparency at every step from shipping to reporting results.

Unlike other companies, Microbac's UCMR 5 program is one flat price and we do not charge to report results to the EPA's central data exchange (CDX).

Dedicated Customer Support

Still easier than ever

We understand the work required and complexity that UCMR 5 places on your organization and we are committed to making it painless.

From start to finish, Microbac's UCMR 5 analysis kit is custom designed for convenient and complete EPA-required testing.

Your UCMR 5 kit contains the following:

  • Clear and simple sampling and handling instructions from collection to submission
  • Pre-labeled sample bottles
  • Pre-populated Chain of Custody form that only requires your signature
  • Pre-paid shipping label

All samples must be tested for 29 PFAS contaminants through EPA 537.1 and EPA 533. Testing for lithium through EPA 200.7 is also required.

25 Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl SubstancesEPA Method 533
4 Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl SubstancesEPA Method 537.1
LithiumEPA Method 200.7

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