To Help Confirm Food Quality & Safety

Microbiology Testing

Microbac Laboratories, Inc is a full-service analytical testing network of laboratories with a record of expertise in food safety and food microbiology testing. Our team is committed to providing quality testing laboratory results through rapid turnaround time, outstanding technical support and personalized customer service. Our food laboratories are A2LA ISO 17025-accredited to ensure the highest quality of actionable results, and to keep your food production on schedule. 

Analytical Testing

Our team has over 35 years of food chemistry experience across a wide range of food processes and food products. Our experience enables us to handle the routine analyses as well as the complex analyses that are often required due to the latest food labeling regulations. Our strict adherence to AOAC-approved test methods and our ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for a long list of test parameters guarantees the accuracy of your laboratory data.

Environmental Monitoring

Microbac partners with clients to design, implement and support environmental monitoring programs (EMPs) to test the efficacy of cleaning and sanitation within production facilities. We work with food manufacturers on emerging applications using molecular methods to minimize brand risk and improve EMP corrective action plans based on pathogen detection and verification, and more.

Our partnership with Sample6’s CONTROL reporting software visually enhances your test results and makes for informed and timely decision-making. Your testing data, matched with a clear floor-plan view of where potential risk may live, helps you stay ahead of contamination concerns.

Allergen Testing

Our specialized food allergen team delivers dependable results on 35+ ISO-accredited tests for allergens. Get timely, accurate and reliable testing data to help protect consumer health, product integrity and brand reputation. Informative ELISA and DNA test results can be delivered in two days or less to reinforce timely decision making and confidence behind ingredient claims.

Foreign Material Identification

Customized offerings allow clients to tailor testing packages, service and reporting to individual project needs. Top technologies include digital photography and microscopy, optical and scanning electron microscopy, micro- and ATR-FTIR, SEM/EDS, thermal analysis (DSC and TGA), GC and LC, and Proximate Analysis, as well as full Food Chemistry.

Packaging & Food Contact Materials

Microbac Laboratories’ team of engineers and chemists work together to design tests that meet our clients’ specific needs. By simulating the conditions a product encounters during its distribution and storage, we can detect weaknesses in the design. Additionally, if the packaging does not perform as intended, Microbac Laboratories can help determine the root cause of the problem.