Meet Microbac

Where We Come From

We come from humble beginnings. Soon after arriving in the United States in the mid-1960s, A. Warne Boyce founded Microbac with the purchase of a dairy laboratory located in Pittsburgh, PA. Since then, Microbac has grown into a diverse independent testing and measurement firm, serving clients with highly personal service and custom solutions for the environmental, life-sciences and food markets.

Now, our commitment to delivering time-sensitive, quality data to support your informed decision-making remains at the heart of what we do. Every day, our team of scientists and industry specialists collaborate with you to ensure the safety and quality of the world around us by utilizing our extensive 25- laboratory network’s microbiological, chemical, physical, molecular, virology, radiological, and toxicology capabilities.

Moving forward we continue our journey to assist you in your success.  By seeking relationships over transactions and the long over the short – we continue to build a thriving company and improve the world around us one test at a time.


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