To Support Consumer Confidence

From Concept to Market

Our scientists collaborate with your project teams throughout the product life cycle and bring technical expertise in chemistry, microbiology, virology, toxicology, molecular biology and materials testing. Our experience, flexibility and expertise with testing life science products can dramatically reduce your project costs and help you consistently meet critical timeline demands.

We assist life science companies in developing testing strategies, starting at ideation, through development, manufacturing and commercialization of the product. Our expertise and services help to determine initial screening and feasibility of new ideas during ideation and concept. Continuing to the next phases of development and testing, we employ industry best practices to verify and validate the performance of your product. During the last phase of manufacturing and launch, we help you establish testing to support the integrity and release of the product.   



Antimicrobial Products

Microbac provides comprehensive efficacy, chemistry and toxicity testing services for regulated antimicrobial products.

Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

Product safety, quality and stability through microbiology, virology, toxicity, chemistry, physical properties and forensics testing throughout production life cycle. 

Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical

Analytical testing and research services for the development, approval, and manufacturing of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and animal health products under FDA, USDA and cGMP regulatory compliance navigation.

Medical Devices

Microbac offers medical device testing expertise to support state of the art medical device technologies.

Consumer & Professional Products

Full service analytical testing and product safety, materials compatibility and physical property assessments.