Commitment to Quality

At Microbac Labs, our unique, single-source approach streamlines and assures greatest efficiency, accuracy and simplified procurement. Customers come to us for end-to-end testing solutions that deliver quality measurement, data and powerful insights on which they can rely for making timely business decisions.

Every level of our organization is invested in providing an exceptional customer experience. To support this promise, we are committed to the following quality standards:


  • Provide clients with the highest standard of service and data quality in accordance with good professional and analytical practices, documented


  • standard operating procedures and compliance with all requirements of applicable state, national and international certification and accreditation programs.


  • Continually improve all aspects of the business, including our commitment to safety, the environment, data quality, and customer experience.


  • Focus on client satisfaction through employee involvement, leadership, and personal responsibility.


Extensive accreditations and certifications support our focus on quality and deliver peace of mind to our customers.

Our diverse work portfolio includes broad accreditation offerings and tested insights across the food, life sciences, and environmental markets.

Environmental Testing

Full-service environmental analytical testing on water, soil, air, waste and specialty contaminants.

Food & Nutrition Testing

Unmatched safety, quality, and stability testing for food products, dietary supplements, pet food and beyond.

Life Sciences Testing

Safety, quality, efficacy, and stability testing for antimicrobials, bio/pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and personal care + cosmetics.