Microbac and Sample6 Partner to Make Food Safer Together

Environmental Monitoring Technology for Food Safety Within Production Environment Helps Take food safety to the Next Level


FEBRUARY 22, 2017 (PITTSBURGH, PA) – Today, Microbac Laboratories, Inc., announces an exclusive reseller partnership for Microbac customer use of the Sample6 technology solution CONTROL.

Designed by food safety software provider, Sample6, CONTROL couples with Microbac testing data to help monitor and produce reports in a breakthrough floor plan view of environmental contaminants within food production facilities. Customers see immediately where, and to what extent food safety concerns may live within their production facility.

CONTROL is a cloud-based platform that helps food producers visualize the plant floor where environmental samples are taken to ensure food safety throughout production. Technology provider, Sample6, started as a detection company with a Listeria detection kit, and now helps to manage environmental monitoring programs with scheduling, monitoring, analyzing and reporting tools.

“Our objective with this exclusive offering is to bring more to bear than just testing for our customers,” says Cabot Earle, Microbac CEO. “This is a leading edge technology platform, that, when paired with our testing data and other tools, accelerates decision making and speed to action at key times in the food production and distribution process.”

Environmental monitoring is a requirement, both federally regulated and consumer driven for the food industry, and becoming a hot topic for public health protection. With Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations growing more complicated, food producers are finding greater need to take a proactive stance on environmental testing and reporting.

“Microbac’s investment in CONTROL is rooted in the need to help customers take new, intuitive and preventative measures to monitor and manage environmental testing within their facilities,” Earle concludes.

Microbac will employ CONTROL to help food industry customers plan environmental sample testing schedules, as well as track remediation and corrective actions of positive testing areas should they arise.

About Microbac
Pittsburgh-based Microbac, is an independent laboratory testing company with more than 30 locations in 12 states. Serving the food, environmental, life sciences and specialty service markets, Microbac partners with corporations, as well as local, state and federal agencies to innovate and produce with confidence, and stay in compliance. Since 1969, Microbac has helped to assure the quality, health and safety of products that impact consumers every day. microbac.com

About Sample6
Sample6 is making food safer by delivering two powerful tools to the food industry, Sample6 DETECT™ and Sample6 CONTROL™. Sample6 DETECT is based on a proprietary bio-illumination platform safe to run on-site in a plant delivering in-shift pathogen diagnostic results. This advancement paired with powerful analytics from Sample6 CONTROL will shift food safety from reaction to prevention, which is the primary goal of the FSMA and HAACP initiatives in the United States. Food processors from meat, seafood, dairy, produce, and dry goods have already partnered with Sample6 in order to integrate these revolutionary products into their plants. sample6.com