Marietta, OH Laboratory

Ohio Valley

158 Starlite Drive Marietta, OH 45750

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm EST
Saturday and extended hours by arrangement.


Microbac Marietta is located in Southeastern OH, along the beautiful Ohio River.
This 30,900 sq ft location has the ability to meet all of your environmental testing needs.
Holding accreditations in multiple states across the country, Marietta can conduct tests on such matrices as Wastewater, Storm Water, Ground Water, Drinking Water and Soil/Sludge/Solids. Whether you are industry, engineering or a private citizen, please reach out today to see how we can meet your testing needs!

Microbac Marietta can provide Level 4 data packages and an extensive list of specialized EDDs.





Full scale, elemental analysis of your sample matrices by either ICP, ICP/MS or Cold Vapor (Mercury).

General Chemistry

General Chemistry

Demands, Nutrients, Anions, Microbiology and more!

Hazardous Waste Characteristics

Hazardous Waste Characteristics

  • Full TCLP VOCS, SVOC, Pesticides, Herbicides, Metals
  • Reactivity/Corrosivity/Ignitability


Full service Semivolatile lab including GC, GC/MS, HPLC and LC/MS/MS

  • HPLC Explosives, Aldehydes, Perchlorates, Metabolic acids, and Acetate/Formate
  • GC/MS 625, 8270, PAH, PAH UL
  • GC ECD Pesticides, PCBs, Herbicides, EDB/DBCP
  • GC FID DRO, ORO, Alcohols, glycols

Full service Volatile lab including GC, GC/MS

  • GC/MS - 624, 8260, BTEX
  • GC FID - RSK and GRO

State Certifications

Microbac Marietta holds a large number of state accreditations. To see if our current selections meet your needs, please see the link below:



Marietta Laboratory Environmental Chain of Custody (COC) - Excel format

Marietta Laboratory Environmental Chain of Custody (COC) - fillabe PDF form