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Radio Analytical, Radiochemical, and Environmental Monitoring Services Since 1969


  • Air Particulates / Airborne Iodine

  • Ambient Gamma Radiation (TLD)

  • Bioassay / Urine

  • Drinking Water & Non-Potable Water: Well, Surface, Wastewater and Effluents

  • Food Products: Milk, Supplements, Fish & Meat, Vegetables, Pet Food, Cattle Feed

  • Grasses: Aquatic/ Other Vegetation

  • Imported & Domestic Consumer Products

  • Sludges, Soils, Sediments, Solids & Resins

  • Other (by request & consultation)


NELAC Accredited for Drinking Water and Non-potable Water Analyses


Gross Alpha

Gross Beta


Photon Emitters




Uranium (Activity)



  • Radiochemical analysis for gross alpha, gross beta, total radium, total uranium, Ra-226, Ra-228, 1-131, Sr-89 Sr-90. Fe-55, C-14, Tc-99, Pb-210, and other Isotopes

  • Gamma-ray spectroscopy for fission products, activation products, natural radioisotopes and radioisotopes used in research and medical treatment, including K-40. Mn-54, Co-58, Co-60, Cs-134, Cs- 137, and Tc-99m

  • Detection of tritium in surface and ground water, fish, fruits, vegetation, soil and sediments

  • Alpha spectroscopy for U-234, U-235, U-238, Po-210, Pu-238, Pu-239/240, Am- 241, Cm-242, Cm- 242/244, and other transuranic radioisotopes

  • Environmental monitoring of gamma-ray radiation using TLD and gamma-ray spectrometry

  • Bioassays analyzed to your specifications

Customer Success

Microbac’s radiological environmental laboratory has extensive experience providing analytical services to domestic and international commercial enterprises including nuclear power plants, water treatment facilities, individuals, and homeowners performing analysis of various radiological parameters from a variety of sources. We can additionally design custom environmental programs. perform field collections, and produce comprehensive interpretive reports based on obtained sample analytical data.

We are a well-equipped, temperature-controlled laboratory with experienced technicians and sophisticated instrumentation available for radiochemical analyses. Microbac’s radiological environmental laboratory operations provide for the highest quality data with a minimum of handling, and confidence in analytical results while providing cost-effective, quality analytical services at required detection limits.

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