Keep Your Campus Safe With Wastewater Testing

Keep Your Campus Safe With Wastewater Testing

As colleges and universities make the difficult decision to allow students back to campus, coronavirus infection rates have begun increasing across the country. Many assumed the simple solution would be to make like the NBA and test every student, every day. But that method proved to be expensive and extremely invasive. Now, decision-makers have turned to a new, much stinkier way to detect and prevent the virus – and scientists at the nation’s leading private testing laboratory are hopeful it will bring the results schools need to remain open, safely.

Looking to Reopen Your Campus After Months of Closure? Microbac’s Free Re-Opening Guide is For You:

This easy-to-use guide details the top 10 pathogens and contaminants found in buildings, the specific locations where each commonly exist, and the ways in which Microbac can help if there is in fact a concern. You will find information about SARS-CoV-2, Legionella, Salmonella and many more. Download our guide below and let us help you reopen your building with increased confidence!

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